Why Should We Chew Our Food Properly?

You have been given teeth for a reason. 

If we live an unbalanced life, this will show in our intelligence, our health and our appearance. 

This includes chewing. 

If we don’t chew our food properly we will very likely be putting our mind, body and self in a more difficult situation. 

Why Should You Chew Your Food Properly?

In The Name of God, The Most Merciful, The Ever-Merciful to His believing servants.

Verily all praise belongs to God, may He extol His messenger in the highest company of the Angels and grant him peace, his family and companions altogether. 

To proceed, 

We have been given teeth for a reason, we should use them properly.

If we don’t and instead rush through eating food then this leads to a number of different issues which we go through below. 

Just know that your limbs have been connected to your heart and mind and how you use your body has effects on your character, your life and those around you. 

Your Body Will Have To Work Harder 

If we don’t do the chewing, our bodies will have to put in work instead. 

We are in need of the benefits that God has placed in food, and if we don’t use the teeth He has given us to chew our food and make things easy for our bodies – our bodies are going to have to put in the work for us instead. 

Naturally, not chewing food properly and adequately “cutting down” the work our bodies have to do – which only requires a little patience (more on that later) and exercise (beneficial for ourselves and our bodies) – will mean that we have not taken from that meal the benefits we should have. 

And this isn’t just restricted to the nutritional benefits either. 

If one carefully selects a meal from the best of foods available to them, sits up straight whilst not leaning, takes a properly sized mouthful at a time and chews the food to a consistency easy upon the body to digest – they will have been granted a higher level of manners (which are from the foundations of human interactions), freed up your bodily resources for higher tasks (see below) and may actually finish a meal feeling lighter than before starting it. 

All of the above is important when you consider that:

Your Body Has Limited Resources 

We only have limited resources. 

We have to use them wisely if we want to arrive at the best destination. 

If we do not chew our food properly, the resources that we should be using for intelligence tasks are instead having to be diverted to break down, digest or transport food that we didn’t treat properly. 

We only have so much blood and energy, etc, and there are, in addition, certain resources in the body which do not replenish. 

This means once they are gone we cannot replace them. 

And don’t forget, our time is limited. 

When our finite resources are up, so is our time in the world. 

If we rush through heavy meals without being patient, not deliberating and arriving at the best course of action for how to take our sustenance – we may instead experience tiredness, sluggishness and find it harder to be as intelligent. 

We aren’t going to receive this time back. 

We only have so many days left in our life to prepare for what comes after it. 

Do we really have enough to start giving it away, only so we don’t chew as much? 

You Will Become Less Attractive 

Defined faces are more attractive. 

Chewing properly is one of the ways to arrive at this by God’s Permission.

There are a number of mechanisms here. 

Firstly, more developed jaw muscles in of themselves are more attractive (male and females alike) 

And following on from the above, developed jaw muscles aid in the keeping up of the upper jaw bone structure, moving the cheekbones up and forward. 

It is noticeable that when civilisations move towards comfort and industrialisation, the facial structure of the people becomes weaker and less attractive as well as teething problems becoming apparent which were not an issue previously. 

There is a combination of nutritional and chewing deficiencies here, a topic for a different article.

Yes, it is possible to change (for better or worse) bone structure later in life. 

To do so you will want high intakes of Vitamin D3, K2 (MK7 and MK4) and moderate calcium. 

Make sure you keep a clear nose, breathe through it, avoid inflammatory foods – and chew your food properly. 

You Will Lose Out On Patience

“No one has been given such a gift better and more ample than patience.”

The Messenger of God, Reported by Bukhari

If you rush you only become further from the goal. 

Whatever the motivation is for wanting to finish mouthfuls quickly, this is not the way to things becoming better or easier.

Careful deliberation is from God and haste is from His enemy. 

If we rush and use haste, we are missing out on careful deliberating, using intelligence to acquire knowledge, arrive at the best course of action, break the task down into manageable chunks (not just food here) and then set an even course which one might continue upon for their life and by way of that reach the goal. 

Imagine two people. 

They both need to dig a big hole. 

The one person become too excited and rushes straight into acting. 

They go to their hands and knees and begin digging with their hands alone. 

When questioned why, they reply, “I need to dig a hole!” 

The other thinks and deliberates, “What is the best way I might go about this?” 

So he goes and hires a digger and finishes the hole in ten minutes instead of ten days at ten hours a day of his companion. 

Now they have more time and energy for the higher-level tasks. 

Or consider perhaps, that we need to take in sustenance to nourish our bodies and fuel action. 

One rushes to take in whatever they feel like and then return to their life or whatever it is they use their time for. 

The other seeks knowledge and deliberates, arrives at the best, most nutritionally dense meals they can come to with their resources then chews them properly, helping their body. 

After their meals they are lighter, they avoid the various illnesses associated with overeating and they become more intelligent over time by way of intelligent food choices. 

A few years down the line, this one has increased in knowledge, intellect, health (and likely as a consequence of the above, by God’s Permission, wealth and beneficial interpersonal relationships). 

And the other? 

Matters That May Help With The Above 

Let’s not wrap up this article before including a few things which may help one upon the above, the Path of Seeker of Truth. 

A Diet of Nutrient-Dense, Whole Foods

When the actions of the people turn away from what is right, blessings are removed. 

One of such blessings are the blessings in food.

Today harmful actions are at a high, so it is even more important than before that we are careful which foods we choose to use. 

To aid one’s self upon taking an even path, take a simple, whole food diet. 

This means to have a short list of whole (not watered down or refined) foods that when eaten in small amounts are a means for fulfilling one’s nutritional needs. 

For a better idea of some you might wish to choose, read: what is a balanced diet


Reflect, that everything is in the control of The Creator. 

He created everything with predecree, He tied causes to effects and He sent down the guidance. 

The Disposer of the affairs has taught mankind the path to safety and security in this life and what comes after. 

He created you after having been nothing worth mentioning, then He gave you seeing and hearing and a heart of understanding. 

Will you use them to acquire knowledge and act upon it – the most important of that being what The Creator has sent down – 

Or would you rush into darkness and then wonder why there are all these difficulties and wonder what is the way out? 

“Careful deliberation is from God, and haste is from Satan.” 

The Messenger of God, Collected by Al- Albani in As-Saheehah

Be smart. 

God has assigned for patience what He has not assigned for haste. 

Consider, that by way of true patience one’s affairs will begin to be improved in this life, and in the next they will be joined with the righteous. 

By way of true patience (choosing what pleases The Lord and Nurturer over what pleases one’s self), The Most Generous will make one’s life better and better. 

Why rush?

May God extol His messenger in the highest company fo the Angels and grant him peace, his family and companions altogether.