Who Should I Invest In?


You have been given money as a means to establish your purpose.

You have not been given wealth to pile it up and count it. 

We all have areas we need to improve and the first person we should spend upon is our self.

If we don’t invest in ourselves then why should others? 

And if we do the above, we will be given more. 

Who Should I Invest In?

In The Name of God, The Most Merciful, The Ever-Merciful to His believing servants. 

All praise belongs to God, The Lord of The Worlds, may He extol His Messenger in the highest company of the Angels and grant him peace, his family and companions altogether.

To proceed,

The first people we should invest in are ourselves. 

We know that some people like quick answers and may have been affected by the widespread nature of speculation in the world today and those that call to it. 

To help with the understanding of what follows, then take this example:

Two people with the same source of income, same dress habits, same knowledge, manners, practices, etc. 

They both have surplus wealth and then they both look at how they might utilise it. 

The first one, gives it to a “wealth manager”, or he invests it alone in stocks and shares, blindly guessing at what will happen to other peoples’ companies in the future – and then they carry on their form of trade just as they did previously. 

As for the other? They take that surplus wealth and invest it in themselves. 

They free up time by delegating tasks to others that they might spend it on higher rewarded activities. 

They seek knowledge in that time and are able to better understand the world around them and how to act accordingly.

They improve their diet and surroundings and consequently their thinking and energy improve likewise, and the amount of time they spend at dis-ease is reduced as well. 

They now look better, sound better, sleep better, help others better and are generally a more helpful member of society.

The other is still the same, except instead of cash, he has metal or shares in other peoples’ companies. 

Which do you think will more likely see their income increase considerably in the near future?  

True Self Improvement

We are all far from perfection. 

There are a multitude of areas in our lives in which we exist and move about and wealth is a great tool for us to use to help us move closer to perfection.

By God’s Permission, correctly trading what we currently have for what is more beneficial (and this is all that skilled traders do anyway – i.e. not guessing) is a great means of improving one’s self and the effect we have upon the world around us.

And conversely, trading one’s wealth for something less beneficial will mean losing out on benefit.

Naturally, we are going to require knowledge to act effectively, trading what we have for what is of greater value, but which knowledge specifically?

Just the world we perceive around us is complex enough, before we take into account that which is beyond our perception and that which we haven’t ought in knowledge yet. 

And this knowledge, without a correct foundation, is of no benefit anyway.

Knowledge of the ways and means on their own is not beneficial unless it is built upon correct knowledge regarding The Creator and Disposer of them.

We are in dire need of correct, established knowledge of The Creator and His Way with His creation, that which He is pleased with and grants increase to, and that which He is displeased with and will bring to ruin. 

Suppose there was a field owned by a king in which you wanted to plant seeds, how would you act? 

How then should we be with God, The Lord of The Worlds, The Originator, The True King, The Owner; Mighty and Majestic.

The Perfect and Most High, The All-Powerful Maintainer, The One free from all needs or imperfections.

The One Who does whatever He wills, whenever He wills, however He wills!

The One Who wrote all the decrees in a book 50,000 years before the creation of the heavens and the earth Who created everything and guided.

The One Who originated, owns and sustains each and every thing. The sky and everything in it, the earth and everything upon it, the clouds and wherever they rain, the people and all of their desires, abilities and possessions.

The All-Mighty, The All-Knowing; Who sends to us Prophets and Messengers to inform us how to act. The One Who has complete, irresistible control of us and everything around, above and below us.

How can we act without learning about Him, The Perfect and Most High?!

With this knowledge which God sent The Prophets and Messengers with – which is readily and freely available, see the end of this article – we are able to then proceed upon actual rectification and actual good wealth practices. 

Instead of living in a world of darkness, unable to understand what is going on around us… 

We are now able to step back and see the actual nature of affairs, what is really happening. 

Then we trade our wealth for what is actually more beneficial, that which God will grant increase to – even if we don’t know the ways and means He will use to do that. 

God, The Blessed and Most High, has taught us all the things He loves and is pleased with for us and all the things He hates and dislikes for us. 

All the beneficial things in this life and the next and all the harmful things in this life and the next. 

And from His Mercy is His subjecting to us what is in the sky and the earth for us to use to establish His Right and as an aid to please Him. 

If we are grateful to Him, He will grant us more.


Our time is very limited. 

We have all been given a limited amount of time in this life, the abode of actions. 

Soon our time will be over, our wealth will be gone from us and we will be all alone.

We should spend properly before it’s gone, shouldn’t we?

There is a saying in the West that “Time is Money”. 

In reality, a better saying is that: Money Represents Time.

When we are trading with money, we are in a sense paying for people’s time. 

God, The Perfect and Most High, already created the raw materials and we are recompensing the human in front of us for the time and effort they put in to:

  • Collect the water, plant or animal material,
  • Refine and/or combine them, adding value to them,
  • Transport them to us, 


In addition is the time they spent to acquire the skills required to do all the above, or the time they took to teach those skills to others who they now employ, or to create tools/machines that they use to do the above tasks, etc.

In addition, if we are receiving money in exchange for products or services then we will also be receiving recompense for the time and effort we put in. 

We only have 24 hours in the day to divide up into the time for seeking knowledge, acting upon it, teaching it to others if we are able and dealing with the tests that come with the above. 

Hopefully, we are seeing that we are going to need to spend wealth to free up time. 

Once we have surplus wealth after covering the necessities (Monotheism, security, air, warmth, water and food) it is time to move onto the next needs to see that they are correctly established. 

If you want a very simple perspective change then know that as long as you are in the world you will be provided with sustenance, but when your time is over it is over. 

That, and in what will shortly feel to you as just a few moments, you will be taken to account for what you did in the world and the sky and the earth and everything in it will be of no benefit to you unless you believed in God and The Messengers. 

A small ant’s weight of faith is more valuable than the heavens and the earth and everything in it. 

Do not waste your time on low value activities. 

Benefiting The Creation

We do have a need to provide value to others. 

If we do this, we will receive benefit likewise. 

That said, it is only one of the many activities that we have to do during the day, and there are tasks of greater importance that proceed it and are a foundation for that. 

The first is establishing the right of The Creator (that you worship none but Him alone), The Prayer, The Obligatory Charity, Fasting the month, etc. 

Now with the above established our hearts will be taken care of also. 

Next comes the body. 

The body has a number of needs: physical and mental security, air, shelter/warmth, water, food, good companionship… 

That which we use for these needs come in levels also, from sufficient to cover the necessities, then the needs after that, and extra beautification. 

For example, to sustain life, refined white bread on its own may be turned to, though for long term wellbeing or for building to the perfection of a person, we will want to look to improve from this particular food source. 

For the balancing of the body, we will want sources of Omega 3 fatty acids (like flax/linseeds or wild fish), Choline (perhaps from Raw Eggs), Vitamin K2 (consider fermented dairy products), etc. 

We will also want to avoid the toxins that have crept into food sources over time (in accordance with the straying of people from piety) – meaning, selecting raw, organic, free-range produce when able. 

Now we are hopefully beginning to see that there are levels of benefit in regards that which we surround ourselves with and seek to nourish ourselves with.

If we have money left sitting around not currently being used to benefit ourselves or others then it is time to put it to good use, and to do so we are going to want to look through our life at the biggest needs and spend to bring up lagging areas. 

All of the above, the freeing up of time for higher value activies, reflecting and finding areas of deficiency, creating a plan to move towards resolving them – all of this is left off if we simply look to invest money in some commodity blindly while just carrying on doing what we are already doing. 

Over time, you will want to become better at what it is you do in the portion of the day you have scheduled for benefitting others, so naturally you will want to leave off the lower value activities or outsource them to people or machines. 

And what we mentioned above is just regarding our own selves.


Next comes the fulfilment of the desire of the normal, healthy individual upon the establishment of the above bodily needs, the desire to seek offspring. 

If this is not properly accounted for it can become a source of great misguidance for large swaths of people. 

How many people in the world are really doing what they are doing with the underlying goal being women or to “level-up” from their current spouse?

With proper implementation of The Creator’s Guidance then this issue is avoided, desires properly harnessed for the good of every individual and the society they make up, and actual progress reached.

In addition, with the coming of offspring comes a generation who will be in need of learning also!:

  • The Names, Attributes and Actions of The Creator and Sustainer,
  • How to please Him and how to avoid displeasing Him,
  • How to benefit those around us,
  • How to invite them to please The Creator as well.

Reflect, that one might spend decades learning a particular craft that they now use to help others – only to send their children to learn something different all over again with someone else’s business from the ground up. 

Rather, the way that things used to be done – and likely still are by a few particularly wealthy people – is that children upon reaching the appropriate age will shadow and accompany their appropriate parent (based upon the creation that God made them in, not what the west is trying to brainwash into them) until they have learnt their portion of knowledge and wisdom.

In this way, the parent will have a helper and an accomplice with their various tasks and upon the children reaching maturity they may have taken on something similar to the knowledge and ability of their parent – and they have a big age headstart!

Can we see how a few generations later we might have a very strong and established family and then community and then nation?

Tieing Together What Has Proceeded

Hopefully, we will not have to sell you anymore on investing in yourself first, then those next closest, then the next. 

Take the beneficial things from your surroundings and use them to become more effective. 

Just think of the time it takes now for you to go from meeting someone new to this growing into a relationship with money exchanging between you both. 

Might this be sped up by thinking better, acting better, looking better and speaking better? 

By outsourcing low revenue moving task to others – (they might then have a source of income also) – might we not have then more time for higher rewarded activities? 

Can this even compare to just giving one’s money to someone else to manage, who doesn’t spend on our bodies or family or employees – only for the stocks to go down!



Here is a list in order of most important to least important that one might spend on to begin to move towards actual improvement: 

Naturally, the above should keep one occupied for the time being. 

As the above is obligatory, then freeing up time for it becomes obligatory likewise. This might very well mean spending one’s wealth to save time.

Ways of doing this without negative effects might be: dividing up tasks well within the household and business environment (based upon individual strengths and other considerations), finding those tasks you do daily which do not have to be done by you and outsource them, etc.

 Also, leaving off time sinks such as: 

  • Trying to excessively save money.
    • Live within your means and use this time to provide value to others instead and money will be given to you. 
  • Arguing.
    • If they want the truth and trust you then teach them gently if you are able.
    • If you are not able, then point them to someone else who is.
    • If they don’t want the truth, then leave them. 
  • Anything God has prohibited.
    • He, The Perfect and Most High, The All-Knowing, The All-Wise prohibited these things for a reason. If you want improvement in your situation don’t disobey The Owner of creation.
  • Trying to sell low-value items when you are able to sell higher value items.
    • Simply give these in charity instead, to those in need in your local environment.

The Messenger of God, may God extol him in the highest company of the Angels and grant him peace, said,

“Careful deliberation is from God, and haste is from Satan.”

Chain of Narration Declared Good by Al-Albani

May God extol His Messenger in the highest company of the angels and grant him peace, his family and companions altogether.