What is Good Content Marketing?

Providing content that is a means of solving people’s problems. 

A lot of people think of content marketing the wrong way round. 

They have a product or service they want to sell, then they create content to help people, but their underlying intention is just to sell a product or service on the backend. 

Instead, we should be looking to just create content that helps other people, and that’s it. 

Money will just come along with that.

Working the other way limits you right from the start and you may never even be able to earn the trust you need to interact with others. 

Good Content Marketing

In The Name of God, The Most Merciful, The Ever Merciful to His believing servants

All praise and thanks belong to God, may He extol His Messenger in the highest company of the angels and grant him peace, his family and companions altogether. 

As for what proceeds, 

Good content helps other people. 

It is not content that brings in lots of customers. 

If your goal is just to reach a worldly goal — a certain amount of money or wealth, status or followers, etc.  once you have met an amount amassed you will be gone, your intentions exposed and your path made clear. 

You would have sold the greatest reward for a deceiving enjoyment (thinking that it will last forever). 

The creation of the heavens and the earth have rules and from them are that the recompense of a deed is its like. 

If we then, simply focus on providing value to other people, then we will also be benefitted in return. 

Why then worry about having to sell a particular product o service? 

We should instead be focusing our worldly activity time on providing as much value as is reasonable to others. 

This means leaving off money and doing what is best for yourself and others. 

Writing the content you yourself would wish to benefit from, or your child or your mother if they were in the same position. 

If you do enough of this, you will absolutely be provided for, 

But you will be tested,

What Do You Really Care About 

You don’t need to tell us, but what do you really care about? 

And don’t worry, if you don’t tell us, it will come out in your conent anyway. 

People might think that they can hide what is in their chests, but The All-Knower of the Unseen and That Which is Seen knows it and He will expose it, 

Your heart has been connected to your limbs, what is in it will show on them. 

Whatever you build with them will likewise be a reflection of what was in your heart. 

Do you want a short passing enjoyment, you wouldn’t be the first (look at Netflix, Facebook, Instagram…). 

Or do you want a great reward that will never perish? 

I can promise you the latter if you follow what is below, but if you become distracted by the first you will never make it.


To write great content, you will need to be sincere. 

And I don’t just mean wanting the best for other people, deeper than that. 

Why are you doing that? 

If it is just because it feels good, what will you do when your feelings change, start harming people instead? 

When your heart moves, so will your content. 

People have been made with certain instincts and mechanisms, if they don’t trust you, why should they give you their wealth? 

They have to hope for a greater reward in return for investing (their time or wealth) into what you are giving out. 

So how can we trust people? 

We know that most people simply follow their desires with no regard as to whether things are true or not.

But you weren’t born like that. 

You were born loving the truth and what is right and anticipating fairness. 

All of us were born like this. 

But something changed. 

Along came all of these desirers, and the effects of our harmful actions reached us and we hadn’t prepared for that. 

So we might have acted without knowledge and now we are on a path but we don’t realise it isn’t the one we should be on. 

So what do we do? 

There is only one way out of your intentions being for the worldly life:

The Creator

You know this website has a creator. 

One who has certain attributes like (some) knowledge, ability, will and wisdom to have constructed it. 

Then what is more difficult to create: this website, or the sky. 

Surely it has a Creator with the Attributes of Perfect Knowledge, Wisdom, Ability and Wisdom. 

Surely He is Most Just. 

Verily He is The Originator, The Only One Deserving of Worship, The Great Provider, The One Possessing Tremendous Power, The Strong. 

Know, that every cell in your body contains your own unique, personal code for your creation. 

It is like a book that can be read backwards and forwards and contains intrucate instructions like the colour of your eyes and hair. 

So who put that there? 

Surely, They are All-Aware. 

The Religion is Sincerity

If you cannot be sincere to God, you cannot be sincere to His creation. 

He created you, provided for you, nurtured you, how could we worship others besides Him?

If He willed to destroy the angels and the prophets and the messengers altogether, who could stop Him? 

And who can grant you money if He doesn’t wish for you to have it? 

So who should we turn to in our worship, our asking, our living and our dying? 

Cause and Effects

If you provide value to others, God will provide for you. 

We have been granted eyes and ears to gather information and a heart of understanding, let’s use them properly. 

After singling out The Lord in our worship, let’s use them to make sure we create content in the most effective way possible.

This means freeing up our time for higher rewarded tasks and only spending it on the most beneficial tasks per allotted time. 

What opposes this are desires, and thank God, with Sincerity to Him and submitting to Him a full submission, this will become easier. 

And God is with the patient. 

The Foundation

Before we start, let’s make sure we have our foundation correct. 

Have you submitted to God yet? If not, do that so your deeds will be accepted. 

Now we have submitted, is this the deed that is most pleasing to God at this particular moment? 

If we don’t know, it’s time to seek knowledge. 

If no, then do that instead. 

If yes, let’s proceed. 


Reflect that our time is limited. 

We need to leverage it as wisely as possible to provide the best content we possibly can. 

Forget about how you would like money to come to you for now. 

Today, with tools like Google and blogs you might provide more value in a 1,500-word post than hours worth of services or tens of thousands of dollars worth of products.

Why sell our time short?


We need to build something that provides value to others while we are not working on it. 

This means focusing on tasks whose effects may be around for years upon years after their completion, in contrast to content methods such as personal messaging, twitter, Instagram and Facebook, whose content may not be delivered to new users after two weeks. 

If we are sincere in helping the creation, we will want to help as many as possible and make things as easy as possible for them. 

This means creating something that puts the content where most people go for answers today, Google. 

Build a website

Do this with WordPress.com in one day for around $40. 

Now on to creating content. 

Write the posts you would wish to find.

Finding The Questions

Go through Google Recommended Searches until you find questions that are not being answered properly or only by forums, etc. 

Create the best post you can at the rate of one a week/day at a rate you wish to continue for the next 40 years. 

Post To Other Sites

Set up social media accounts on all the major networks and set up automatic posting of new content from your site to these (use IFTTT or Zapier).


Set out at an even pace and keep going. 

God will bring provision to you. 

Have patience. 

The more patience you have the bigger the reward.