There is No Such Thing As Infectious Dis-ease

There is no such thing as infectious disease.

Disease is a state of being, it is the body at un-ease.

This does not move from person to person just as poverty does not move from person to person.

Ask yourself, who gave dis-ease to the first organism?

How Does Disease Link to Infection Control?

In The Name of God, The Most Merciful, The Ever-Merciful to His believing servants, 

All praise belongs to God, may He extol His Messenger in the highest company of the angels and grant him peace, his family and companions altogether. 

To proceed, 


By and large, every child is born at ease. 

Physical faculties are balanced and the baby is in a healthy, upright state. 

This is the case for the vast majority of people. 

A word for this in the biological world is “homeostasis”. 

God, The Blessed and Most High, has created mankind in the best of forms. 

He then guided them to beneficial actions and statements. 

He subjected to them what is in the sky and upon the earth for them to use in His obedience. 

The base state of man is ease. 

The body’s systems are balanced, any toxins that do present are being expelled normally (perhaps through the various mechanisms we all know, like going to the bathroom, sweating, etc). 

Nutritional needs are being met by way of a healthy diet, and physical needs are being met through avoiding an overly sedentary lifestyle. 

Harmful thoughts, saying and actions are being avoided.

This person is at ease. 


However, over time situations may arise that start to take the body away from ease. 

We may begin to use our body for practices which are harmful to the body, the mind and other people. 

Toxins may begin to accumulate at a faster rate than the body is able to normally expel them; perhaps there is an increase in air or water pollution, or perhaps a reduction in exercise leads to blood not reaching certain parts of the body or lymphatic fluid not being cleared sufficiently. 

Or perhaps a change in diet leads to a lack of essential vitamins or nutrients. 

This person has begun to move from ease and balance, to un-ease. 

These things may slowly accumulate over time and we not notice it. 

We didn’t notice the pollution rising, nor the nutrition in our food slowly decreasing, nor us allowing harmful thoughts to enter our mind or allowing them to come out on the tongue or limbs. 

But nonetheless, we are moving away from balance and ease, 

And towards un-ease. 

Another word for un-ease is dis-ease. 

God is The One Who Cures

God, The Most Merciful, has placed in mankind mechanisms that help the body return to ease. 

When the normal mechanisms such as going to the bathroom and sweating have not been able to expel sufficient toxins, there are additional mechanisms that our bodies may turn to instead. 

These may be things such as coughing, vomiting, diarrhoea, fever (think: sweating), rashes (as toxins are expelled via the skin), boils, etc. 

There may also be other signs of un-ease, such as loss of appetite or change in the colour of the skin as the bodies faculties are being used for higher priority tasks (such as preserving life and returning to ease). 

Part of the clear up and return to ease mechanisms within the body is the use of bacteria and viruses, 

These are created *in the body* and some are used as messengers that alert other cells to the situation in the body, how to prepare and how to act. 

Glory is to God, The Best of Creators. 

These appear AFTER the body has moved from ease to less ease and are created as part of the clear up and return to ease process.

These viruses may also remain in the body after return to ease, they are not harmful and are part of the body. 

They do not jump from person to person like an invisible ravenous squirrel, nor do they come before un-ease. 


From what we have stated above, the intelligent person will easily be able to grasp that there may be similar states of un-ease that appear in groups of people at the same time – through individual circumstance changes. 

Remember, infectious dis-ease does not exist. 

Who gave the dis-ease to the first organism? 

Instead, there may be changes to entire households, towns, cities or nations that affect everyone; such as:

  • Increased air pollution due to changes in industry,
  • Decreased nutrition via changes in farming practices,  
  • Increased water pollution due to changes in water treatment and transport. 

And the list is very, very long. 

In this case then, we may see people of a house or town or city, becoming sick in stages, first one person, then a few, then more. 

However, there is NO infectious un-ease. 

Rather, the different individuals are reaching the point of un-ease at different times. 

And some people may never reach dis-ease at all. 

These people are more robust and perhaps more balanced, think: eating a healthy, balanced diet, taking beneficial exercise, avoiding excessive worry, etc. 

We know the above from our own intellect and perception. 

However, there are some very money-hungry people who want you to believe something VERY different. 

The Invisible Killer Squirrel

WANTED: Dead or Alive!

We are born not knowing anything. 

There are some people who teach their children good things, beneficial knowledge to help them understand what is happening around them and how to act accordingly, 

However, there are other people who are not like this. 

They know that in teaching other people falsehood there are easy ways of taking people’s wealth. 

One way, is by using The Invisible Killer Squirrel Model. 

See, the model of un-ease that is taught in the West goes like this: 

“How you treat your body doesn’t matter. 

What you eat, doesn’t matter. 

How much exercise you do, doesn’t matter. 

How much pollution you take in, doesn’t matter. 

Vitamins and minerals don’t matter either. 

All that matters is avoiding “Disease””. 


In the West, “Disease” is the name given to an invisible ravenous organism that jumps from person to person. 

Like the squirrel, it is nimble, able to move over large distances quickly and difficult to capture.

Though there is one major difference –  it feeds on human health.

See, the people of the town were fine before “Disease” came along (so they claim!) 

Yes, the people had been eating unhealthy food. 

Yes, they hadn’t been exercising at all. 

Yes, they were constantly worried and pessimistic. 

Yes, they were harming themselves and other people. 

But they were fine. 

Until “Disease” came to town. 

First it jumped to one person and then two and three. 

People started to avoid the afflicted, fearing that the IKS (Invisible Killer Squirrel) would nibble them next. 


What can we do?

People even started to give the IKS names, you might know some of them.

Then, the drug companies came along. 

“We’ve figured it out! 

See, what’s happening to your bodies, this un-ease you are experiencing, it’s not your fault!

It’s not because of your actions, it’s not by way of your surroundings either! You don’t need to change!

You’ve just been attacked by an invisible organism called “Disease”

And good news, we know the cure!

And it is this one, single [pill/injection/treatment] which only we own and sell! 

And it costs ONLY “$$$$$$$$$$$.”

Wake Up

Are we getting the picture? 

There is no infectious dis-ease. 

If you treat your body well, you will be at ease. 

If you treat it unwell, you will be at un-ease. 

From the mercy of The All Mighty Creator upon us is that He has created ways and means to return us back to ease and balance. 

Take responsibility for yourself, health and wealth before someone else.


The Messenger of God, may God extol him in the highest company of the Angels and grant him peace, said,

“There is no infection, no safar, no hama.” 

A desert Arab said: “God’s Messenger, how is it that when the camel is in the sand it is like a deer – then a camel afflicted with scab mixes with it and it is affected by sub?” 

He said: “Who infected the first one?”

Authenticated by Muslim

May God extol His Messenger in the highest company of the Angels and grant him peace, his family and companions altogether.


Perhaps we should go over some additional miconceptions. 

What About “Such and Such” Disease?

Dis-ease or un-ease is a state of being that comes on over time and it comes before the return to ease mechanisms. 

People over time have studied the particular set of return to ease mechanisms in different times and places (which is actually the body flushing toxins and diverting resources in an attempt to return to health) and given these different names. 

So it goes like this: 

  1. Harmful lifestyle,
  2. Accumulation of negative effects,
  3. Triggering of the return to ease processes, by God’s Permission,
  4. Ease.

So people, by their lack of knowledge (or lack of wanting it) have ignored all the steps, except Step 3 (the return to ease processes). 

They study the person during their return to health, write down all the different return to ease processes they can observe (which they call “symptoms”) and give this set off mechanisms a name –

This includes things such as Leprosy and AIDS. 

However, at no point does this collection of return to ease mechanisms become an actual living organism that begins to jump from person to person. 

If you live the same life as someone else, don’t be surprised if you experience the same consequences as that person. 

Same lack of nutrition, same taking in of pollution – don’t be surprised if your return to ease processes are very similar. 

No, this lack of health didn’t become a living breathing organism that jumped from one person to another. 

This is like someone saying, 

“I passed by a homeless person on the street and now I’m poor – I must have caught poverty from him.”

No, rather, you made bad decisions in your life and now you are experiencing the consequences of that (a reminder for the writer also!) 

What About Testing For Viruses?

Viruses are created by the body to help return the body to ease. 

Testing positive for viruses does not means you are at un-ease. 

You may still have them in your body from a previous period of return to ease.

What About “Incurable” Dis-ease?

God is Able to do all things.

There is no disease except that God has sent down the cure for it.

Leave harmful thoughts, statements and actions.

Move away from pollution to a healthy area.

Change your diet from unhealthy to healthy.

Let us know what happens.

Not suprisingly, the people who talk about “incurable diseases” don’t use this model.

They take a person experiencing the consequences of a harmful lifestyle – a wake-up call that something needs to change – and instead give them drugs that cause the very state of un-ease that they claim they are trying to help them move away from.

Also unsuprisingly: these drugs are very expensive.

What About Fluid Transfer?

As regards taking actual harmful material from one organism and injecting it into someone (cough), then this will mean adding to the pollutants in the second person. 

Will it be enough for them to go to un-ease? 

It depends on the state of the person, like with all other toxins. 

So if someone were to travel from one side of the world to another, meet a person experiencing the set of return to ease mechanisms commonly called Leprosy, cut themselves open, take some of the harmful material from the body of the person at un-ease (perhaps containing the pollutants that were being cleansed from the body by way of the return to ease mechanisms) then put that harmful material into their body – this would be like having an increase in pollution back home. 

Maybe they will move to unease (and become in need of return to ease mechanisms) or maybe not. 

What About Normal Mixing? 

As for touching, fluid transfer, air transfer, etc? 

Where is the proof that people at un-ease breathe out enough toxic material to send someone else to un-ease?

Don’t worry, we’re happy to wait. 

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