Is Public Relations A Skill?

Yes, but it’s not called Public Relations.

Since when people talk about Public Relations they are really talking about leaving a favourable public image. 

Well the best way of doing this is to just be a good person. 

That way, instead of pretending to be a good person and having to spend all this time putting out fires and covering over harmful actions, you just need to be the best you possibly can be.

Public Relations isn’t a skill, but being a good person is. 

As for how to work towards this, then let’s look deeper. 

Take Responsibility

You have been given control over your heart, your brain (your delegated control system that presents information to the heart), your eyes and ears, your tongue and your limbs. 

What you let into your heart is up to you, what you allow yourself to feel and what intentions you form are up to you. 

The state of your heart and your limbs are the same. 

What we hold in our heart will show through onto the limbs.

If we try to leave a different image in the public than we are in private, eventually this will be exposed. 

Not only this, but we will have to be spreading our actions in two different places, doing our actual actions and doing other actions for the public. 

Not good. 

What we should be focusing on is cleaning our heart, correcting our intentions and with that our actions will follow suit. 

Naturally, some of these will be witnessed by the public (though this is not why we do them) and from them will be those that require leaving a name (what some people call “branding”). 

You see, it’s a real issue if we just focus on the last two parts of public relations and leave off the rest. 

If you aren’t a good person, it doesn’t matter what the public thinks about you. 

And if you are a good person, your heart won’t be solely attached to what the public think about you anyway.

If you really care about public relations, you need to leave off what is with the people. 

Start with Your Self

Are you the best you possibly can be?

How are you acting with the knowledge you have been given?

Have you sought knowledge about the most important of affairs and acted upon it? 

Have you considered how short your life is, why you are here and where you are going?

Consider, that the most influential people who ever lived didn’t divide their actions into action and public relations, they just did the best they could with the knowledge they were given. 

You may know some of their names: Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (may God extol him in the highest company of the angels and grant him peace). 

They just followed the knowledge they were given, turning away from the world seeking the Pleasure of The Creator. 

This is a skill and it is the most important one. 


People can tell when you are doing actions just to be seen by them. 

Have you considered, that even today the people who have been given the most wealth don’t seem to be in it for the money, even from the disbelievers. 

They have a desire other than what the public think of them and other than piling up money. 

And of course, the most influential of people (not that you should be doing actions for worldly influence) their hearts were turned to The Creator and away from what He created. 

We need to focus on being as good as we possibly can be and this cannot start until we have singled out The Originator and Nurturer with the gratitude that is due to Him for all the bounties we are continuously benefitting from. 

Without this gratitude, we cannot be good. 

Without it, we cannot oppose desires long enough to purify ourselves, as at the end of the day you are still doing things just to feel something so how can we really be sincere to people, when then you would still be helping them just to make yourself feel good?

Rather, seek the pleasure of God and once you have fulfilled what He has commanded of the acts of the day and the night, then help the people as you are able in the time you have set aside for this – doing so to please The Creator. 

The forelocks of the people are in God’s Hand, if you please Him, He will cause them to be pleased with you – 

But if you turn away from Him and toward seeking after temporary pleasures, He will turn them away from you. 


So we have fulfilled the daily commands for the people of this Nation – Monotheism, following our Messenger, Prayer, Obligatory Charity and we have come to the time of the day we have put aside for helping the people. 

Now we are onto the “action” bit of public relations (though don’t think of it as public relations anymore). 

We want to help encourage others upon good actions – (or why do you care about Public Relations?) – so we do need a number of skills here. 

The first we already mentioned: 


To The Creator

You need to be sincere to The Creator in helping the people. 

If not, how will you deal with all the harms that come with trying to help people? 

You are going to have to spend time acquiring knowledge and acting upon it, and there will be trials upon this path. 

Some of these harms will come from the people also, so you need to be sincere to carry you through this. 

If you care only for the creation, an amount of wealth or followers or what have you, then you will be gone as soon as you are given these, your intentions exposed and the creation turned against you.

Then your life will finish and it will all have been for nothing. 

To The Creation

Now that you have singled out The Creator in your intentions, you will need to be sincere to the people in your actions. 

This means that you understand that by helping them as you can in the time you set aside for this, then you will be provided what you need of the goods of this world (which are there to help you in pleasing The Creator). 

This will require that you leave off temporary gain and focus on long term goals. 

It will likely mean providing value for free over a long period of time before you even look at taking any money for your time. 

It will mean advising with what is best, even if that doesn’t mean money coming straight to your pocket in that instance.

And here’s something to consider, basically all “Sales” advice out there is, be a good person, try and help people as much as you can. 

Seems a lot like taking parts of guidance and selling it to people who haven’t received true guidance yet. 


You are going to need to control yourself on this path. 

You may very well know what the truth is, but your self desires something else. 

It may have been programmed and fooled by yourself, close companions, influential people over time to believe that there is a quicker, shortcut way and you might have what you please in this life if you just (buy this book, take my course, use this one secret method, etc). 

There is no shortcut. 

The only way to freedom from the world is to turn away from it, naturally, you are going to have to nurture yourself upon knowledge and action to be successful. 

This is a skill, but it is only possible with sincerity. 

Is Public Relations a Skill? 

If the only issue you have right now is what the public think about you then you don’t need this article (as you are already a Monotheist on the religion of Abraham fulfilling the obligatories, teaching the people and being patient). 

There is a path to success in this life and the next and it starts with this.