Is Minimalism Worth It?

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In The Name of God, The Most Merciful, The Ever Merciful to His believing servants. 

What people might refer to Minimalism is of two types. 

Minimalism, meaning not having excess belongings. 

Or Minimalism, meaning a sort of cult formed around the former. 

This is nothing strange, as it is common among the people who have not yet been guided that when they find a way of living that has benefits their current one does not have, you often find them going to extremes and making it a cult. 

This is due to a lack of sound religion. 

Really, if you are looking at minimalism as a way of living, you might need a big perspective shift. 

You Need a Goal

Why do you keep on living?

Is it to just follow desires, or because it is the right thing to do? 

The world has been created to be used as a means to an end, it is not the end itself. 

Thank God, some people around the world are waking up to this fact and have started to take action accordingly. 

They have begun taking from the world some of what they are actually in need of and leaving off some of that which doesn’t concern them.

This is a blessing, but they haven’t reached the mark yet. 

See, they have began acting as though they have a goal outside of the world that they are going towards, and have began to use the world as a means to reach it. 

But they don’t actually have a higher goal. 

They have removed distractions, but they still don’t have anything to focus upon. 

You see, you are either following desires or following the truth. 

The Truth 

Your life is going to finish. 

Your wealth will leave you, your family and your companions. 

Your desires will be gone. 

For what did you strive? 

We knew this was coming.

How did we act? 

Did we search for the truth? 

Or did we let feelings distract us and become a people far astray from the truth? 

Did we use the intellect we had been given? 

We can see on simple reflection that a car is created. 

We even know some of the attributes of the one who created it, their knowledge, will, ability and wisdom. 

We also knew that the sky and the earth and everything in them are way more difficult to create than one car. 

So that has a Creator. 

And we know from within ourselves that they are Wise and Merciful. 

Had we not looked at the animals and seen how they have been created. 

With their own form and portion of guidance. 

Didn’t we see that there are people who single out The Creator in worship and others who turn away and worship the created things? 

Is the recompense of good except good? 

The World 

The Creator has not created the world without a purpose. 

Rather, He gave everything its creation and then guided it aright. 

He sent Books and Messengers to mankind to teach them about Him and how to please Him. 

He showed them the two paths, will they be grateful or will they turn away? 

This is the goal. 

The world is here to help us upon this goal. 

We have been created to worship The Creator alone and the world around us has been created to aid us upon this. 

However, many from mankind have taken the world around us as the reason for their actions and turned away from the purpose of their creation. 

Is not The One Who created you from a fluid emitted able to create you a second time? 


Hopefully, by now you won’t be thinking minimalism/non-minimalism. 

There are two groups in truth. 

The Monotheists (Those who have submitted to The Creator) and the ungrateful. 

The former turn their intentions and longing to Their Lord, preparing for the standing in front of Him and take the world as their riding animal to arrive at Him. 

The others follow their vain desires, cover the clear and evident truth until their life finishes and it was all for nothing. 

You need to have your Why sorted first before you start figuring out your How. 

For people looking into minimalism or what have you, this is their How, but what is their goal? 

They are still doing this for the world (“It makes me feel better…”, “I like the way it looks…”, etc). 

We go to sleep every night not knowing if we will wake up again. 

How will your neat and tidy room save you then?

So How Should We Live? 

Turn your heart to your Creator. 

Believe in the truth now it has come to you and submit to Him Who sent it.

This World is already turning away from you, your goal is coming and it will meet you wherever you are. 

Single out the Creator in worship and prepare for your meeting with Him. 

If you do that, you will be given the next life and this life. 

Only now can we practice actual moderation with the world. 

Most people never turn their hearts to their Lord. 

When a strong desire comes they follow it and whoever helped stimulate that desire in them (minimalist cult leaders/magazines/blogs/businesses maybe?)

Now we have turned to The Lord, He will turn the world towards us to aid us in our mission, verily He is All Capable over it.

Increase in your knowledge of The Perfect, The Most Beautiful, The Most Merciful, what He Loves and is Pleased with, and what He has prepared for those who perform that. 

Naturally, after spending time in the garden of this knowledge, the world should very well begin to lose its glitter. 

Now it’s time to use it properly. 

Your Donkey

Now you have turned to God, He has turned the creation towards you. 

You have all these things in your possession, what should we do with them? 

The first thing to take care of is your heart. 

Then your tongue. 

Then your limbs. 

Then your external possessions. 

Bear Witness 

The first step is to bear witness with your heart and the tongue that none has the right to be worshipped except God alone (as He is The Only One deserving of it and no one else, no angel brought close or prophet sent) and Muhammad is His slave and messenger (as God sent Him with the truth). 

With this your heart is given life and light, you start your path to the meeting place and entered into The Lord’s specific Mercy reserved for the believers. 

You have now affirmed your goal and taken the first step in preparing for it. 

The Limbs 

Now it is time for our belief to manifest on the limbs. 

The heart is the king of the body, if it is sound then the whole body will be sound. 

The most pleasing thing to God after monotheism (the religion of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad) is the obligatory prayers which He has written for us in the day and night.

This is the most beneficial thing for us after true faith. 

5 times a day you rise, turning your heart tongue and limbs away from worldly distractions towards their Creator in the way He taught us. 

The prayer prevents from harmful actions and prepares us for the Day of Standing that is coming towards us. 

Your Belongings

Now we have submitted inwardly and outwardly it is time to give the due on what we have been given of wealth also. 

God has written for 2.5% of our wealth in money, gold and silver to be given to specific people with a need of it so long as we have more than a certain amount of wealth. 

In giving the Obligatory Charity from our wealth, the wealth that people normally covet, we have purified ourselves of harmful desires and continued in our turning away from the world, seeing and affirming it for what it is. 

The Rest

As for what is left over, then take care of yourself first. 

You have a variety of needs, the greatest of them is monotheism, affirmation of the truth – hich requires authentic knowledge. 

There is also the need for water and good food by way of which the body is preserved, clothes by way of which the private areas are concealed and beatuification in the proper places (males in public and at home and females at home only, in the company of those who truly care for her), a place of residence for shelter, good company with those whom God has guided (expecially with better people than you that you might increase in goodness) a spouse by way of which the private parts are protected and we are made inheritors going throughout the earth. 

With all of this things their are priorities, that which suffices to lift an obligation and that which is additional obligation. 

How do we learn where to spend our time – which is more value than money? 

By learning.

Your Journey

As for what comes next, you have a life of learning and acting upon it ahead of you. 

You will be tested with desires, sometimes in line with the truth and at other times not. 

Just stay on the path.