I Have A Lot of Money, What Should I Do With It?

Spend it.

Money is the medium of wealth exchange in most societies but it’s not very good to hold onto. 

Most of the currencies of the World are being printed more and more and are not tied to any real value.

Simply put, every moment we hold onto money more than we need to, it’s becoming worth less and less.

So where should we spend it for maximum leverage?

I Have A Lot of Money, What Should I Do With It?

In The Name of God, The Most Merciful, The Ever-Merciful to His believing servants.

All praise belongs to God, may He extol His Messenger in the highest company of the Angels and grant him peace, his family and companions and whoever follows them. 

To proceed, 

Most of us do have a need for an amount of money in the short term for ongoing expenditure, unplanned-for occurances, emergencies and the like. 

Money is genuinely very helpful as a quick way of exchanging wealth amongst ourselves. 

But once we have a reasonable amount for short term expenditure, what should be done with any excess?

In this article, we are going to assume that you are looking for the way of spending money which has with it the maximum return, so let’s start with the most important first. 


Living a life and death upon true Monotheism is the means that The Creator, The Blessed and Most High, has made for entry into His Paradise. 

God, The Most High, has said, 

وَبَشِّرِ ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُوا۟ وَعَمِلُوا۟ ٱلصَّٰلِحَٰتِ أَنَّ لَهُمْ جَنَّٰتٍ تَجْرِى مِن تَحْتِهَا ٱلْأَنْهَٰرُ كُلَّمَا رُزِقُوا۟ مِنْهَا مِن ثَمَرَةٍ رِّزْقًا قَالُوا۟ هَٰذَا ٱلَّذِى رُزِقْنَا مِن قَبْلُ وَأُتُوا۟ بِهِۦ مُتَشَٰبِهًا وَلَهُمْ فِيهَآ أَزْوَٰجٌ مُّطَهَّرَةٌ وَهُمْ فِيهَا خَٰلِدُونَ

And give glad tidings to those who believe and do righteous good deeds, that for them will be Gardens under which rivers flow. Every time they will be provided with a fruit therefrom, they will say: “This is what we were provided with before,” and they will be given things in resemblance and they shall have therein purified spouses, and they will abide therein forever.

The Noble Qur’an 2:25

And His Saying, The Most High,

إِنَّ لِلْمُتَّقِينَ مَفَازًا

Verily, for the pious will be (the) success.

حَدَآئِقَ وَأَعْنَٰبًا

Gardens and grapevines.

وَكَوَاعِبَ أَتْرَابًا

And young, mature, full-breasted (maidens) of equal age.

وَكَأْسًا دِهَاقًا

And a full cup (of pure, wholesome, non-intoxicating, delicious wine) (filled repeatedly).

The Noble Qur’an 78:31-34

The Prophet Muhammad, may God extol him in the highest company of the Angels and grant him peace, said,

“Moses asked his Lord, ‘Who amongst the inhabitants of Paradise will be the lowest in rank?’

He said, ‘It will be a person who will be admitted into Paradise last of all when all the dwellers of Paradise have entered Paradise. It will be said to him: ‘Enter Paradise’. But he will say, ‘O my Lord! How should I enter while the people have settled in their apartments and taken their shares?’

It will be said to him: ‘Will you be satisfied and pleased if you have a kingdom like that of a monarch of the world?’

He will say, ‘I will be content, my Lord’

God will say, “For you is that and like that and like that and like that and like that.

He will say at the fifth time, ‘I am well-pleased, my Lord.’

God will say, ‘It is for you and ten times more like it. You will have whatever your soul desires and whatever your eyes could delight in.’

He will say, ‘I am well-pleased, my Lord'”

Moses said, ‘Who will be of the highest rank in Paradise?’

God said, ‘They are those whom I chose and I established their honour with My Own Hand. I attest with My Seal that they will be blessed with such bounties as no eye has seen, no ear has heard and no human mind has conceived.'”

Authenticated by Muslim

The Final Messenger of God also said, may God extol him in the highest company of the Angels and grant him peace,

“A space in Paradise equal to the distance between the middle and the end of a bow will be better than all that upon which the sun rises and sets.”

Authenticated by Bukhari and Muslim

Naturally, spending whatever it takes to learn, believe and act upon the knowledge that God, The Perfect and Most High, has sent down is invaluable. 

For more of a description of the reward God has prepared for those who submit to Him alone, read here, The Real Description of Paradise.

As for where one might spend in this regard? Then moving to a land where there are Orthodox Muslim Scholars if one is able, or senior students of knowledge if one is not, that they might begin to learn and act upon that which The Creator is pleased with.

The Meantime

Now with our perspective shifted, we are still responsible for our possessions in the little time we have left in the world. 

Naturally, it will have lost its shine now after reading the above, hopefully we will have our will and everything written down (pdf) and ready for our passing, and our hearts in the gardens of peace with the wide-chested virgins. 

So now we have less desire for what’s around us, hopefully we can put things in their proper places to please their Creator. 

If it works out, that’s from Him and if something else happens, then He Knows better how to test His slaves.

What we want to focus on in what remains, are the ways and means that God, The Blessed and Most High, has placed in His creation. 

There are things that over time are rendered null and void, like the adherents to Disbelief and Polytheism and actions such as consuming Interest and stealing. 

Whilst on the other hand there are practices that are granted great returns in this life, here are a few to look towards. 


The Messenger of God, may God extol him in the highest company of the Angels and grant him peace, said,

‘Verily actions are by intentions, and for every man is what he intended. So he whose migration was to God and His Messenger, then his migration was to God and His Messenger. And he whose migration was for the world to gain from it, or a woman to marry her, then his migration was to what he migrated for.’

Authenticated by Bukhari and Muslim

Migration from the lands of polytheism to the lands where God alone is worshipped is an act of worship to be performed for God alone.

The Most Merciful has assigned benefits to the migrating believer in this life also, and to His is the praise.

It will take little reflection to realise that the West is in many ways a trap, a sinkhole for your time and money. 

Here are a few things one might look at to help see the reality of this affair:


Land and House prices are ridiculous in the West when compared to the Muslim lands – A new three bedroom house in Gambia or Indonesia may be bought for $10,000 (so perhaps one could buy a street here for the same price as one house in the West).

Land itself is not to be understated, which we wish to come to later, as there are many mechanisms involving land that God grants massive increase by way of. 

Perhaps consider, that confiscation of land is one of the cornerstones for a multitude of evil plans out there, I wonder why?


The currency in the Western lands has been lent at interest to the governments by international bankers. Each year the governments then rob their citizens in attempt to pay this debt. 

Most people in the West have known no difference to this their whole lives and call it “tax”. 

There is no income tax in much of the Muslim lands, Saudi, UAE, Kuwait and Albania to name just a few, nor, “inheritance tax”, which is really just robbing families of their wealth, only because their relative died!


People in the West are steadily becoming less and less fertile in their bodies also, not being granted the amount of children needed to maintain their populations. 

Contrary to the faulty beliefs of many Westerners, God provides provisions for all His creatures. 

If you want to be rich, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have lots of children.

It’s interesting that the actual richest people in the world (think of the “family dynasties” who aren’t taxed in the West like everyone else) have lots of children, to whom they then pass on their knowledge, skills, wealth and influence. 

Obviously, the lower classes are told to work all day and send their children to a different school and not learn their parents’ knowledge and skills.


Also, there are many rich white people very concerned today about darker people having lots of children, even going so far as to inject them with things to try and stop them.



There is a long, long list of other time and money traps to consider with the West also, here is just an additional quick-fire list: 

  • It is made mandatory to take losing bets against skilled gamblers, which is named “insurance”.
  • Huge fuel taxes.
  • The lack of wholesome food and water, normal food has been renamed “organic” and made very, very expensive. This is just called “food” in much of the rest of the world and is cheap.
  • Barriers to business creation and growth.
  • Water polluted with neurotoxins.
  • Mass-indoctrination of citizens.
  • Extremely high rates of violent crime.

And all the above is without mentioning the fact that the West have now began to torture their citizens using the common cold as an excuse. 


So now we are sold on leaving the life trap known as the West, let’s talk about Land. 

If you are not able to buy land straight away, then no trouble, lots of jobs are remote nowadays anyway so slash your rent bill and move to the lands where a 2-3 bedroom house and compound might be rented for £100 a month.

Land, in these lands, might also be bought from around $1,500. 

Land is a great blessing to own for a number of reasons, including its usage as an area to:

  • Collect rainwater,
  • Nurture livestock,
  • Let children play,
  • Plant produce,
  • etc.

After being granted success with the four we mentioned above, you would now be almost free of need from other people. (Ahh, maybe this is why people want to steal land!)

Goats might be purchased for less than $100 each and obviously, animals tend to breed. 

Let’s say your lady goats produce around about a gallon of milk a day, well in a few years that might multiply many times over, and all you had to do was let them out to mow your grass and cut back your bushes, and pull their udders for milk. 

Or maybe hire people in the local community to do this, benefiting them also and freeing up your time. 

So perhaps after investing $15,000 dollars and just a few years, a person might go from slaving away in the West just to pay the international bankers, to being a land and house owner with a healthy body, family and multiple employees. 

Obviously, over time one might buy up more land and hire more employees and take on more wives (though not more than 4!) and begin to take the means to, by God’s Permission and to use in His obedience, multiply their wealth and influence. 

Perhaps buy a house or two and let them out to others or turn it into an orphanage, buy a few successful businesses or just hire employees to sell your farm’s produce at local markets. 

Or set up a school where you teach your own and other people’s children all the knowledge and skills you have now. Encourage an Orthodox Islamic Scholar or Student of Knowledge to teach the more important knowledges there and provide them with a place to stay and make things easy for them. 

Now righteous people may wish to migrate to your environment also, who as an extra benefit may have extra helpful skills to bring to your society also.

Or build a Mosque so that you might receive the reward of every person who prays there, and to provide a place for God’s worship away from innovated ideas and practices.

Not long after you might also introduce a new medium of exchange within your growing community, perhaps gold or silver, without any debt or interest. 

Making sure to stay firm upon God’s Religion and its tenets, this little community might become the richest land in the world in a generation or so.

I Have A Lot Money, What Should I Do With It? 

Spend it on actual wealth. 

May God extol His Messenger in the highest company of the Angels and grant him peace, his family and companions altogether.