This Is How To Create Wealth Without Money

Build Something That Provides Value to Other People. 

So you want wealth, but you don’t have any money to spend. 

And perhaps you don’t have anything to trade for money to be able to spend on building wealth. 

So what should we do? 

Firstly, reflect upon on all the things that you do have and how we might use them to create wealth (which really means, building something that people value more than the things we made it out of). 

What Do We Have? 

First, consider that you are able to use the internet and able to read this. 

This is a blessing that many people do not have. 

With these two things at your disposal you may now very well be able to create huge amounts of wealth.

What is Wealth?

Wealth, in this article, we are going to define as something that people value. 

Of these things then, there are those that actually are valuable (beneficial to mankind) and those that are not but people think they are. 

Since over a long enough timeline the latter will no longer be valued as such (who is reaching for new overpriced tech items when there is a water shortage?) – it is better that we look to create the former, things that do actually provide value to other people. 

When we consider the old fashioned types of wealth: land, houses, modes of transport for example, these are evidently very beneficial. 

Notice that we didn’t say, cash. 

What is Money? 

Money is the medium of wealth exchange that society has agreed upon.

It is used to provide a means of transferring wealth between people – consider, it is a lot easier to send someone numbers on a screen than it is to chop up your house into pieces and give them that in return for food and water. 

Money is there to be spent, it is not very beneficial in its essence. 

Okay, So How Do We Create Wealth? 

The truth is that we aren’t really creating anything. 

We are just taking those things that God has already created and putting them together in a way or in a place where they are valued more than they are now. 

For example, we can’t build land, God built the land. 

If we want to add value to the land, we will need to add other things that God created to it, like our time and labour, our building, etc to create something that provides even more value to other people. 

So really, what we are doing is building something that provides value to other people. 

Hopefully we can now start to see all the different things we have been given, even if we don’t have many numbers on a screen.

Knowledge, will, ability, wisdom, you’ve been given all of these and you may use them to build something that provides value to others. 

Modern Wealth

The best forms of modern wealth are online. 

The gift of the internet is so great it would require several articles to cover. 

Unlike land which is fixed, the internet is expanding over time and a lot of it is free. 

How many businesses give you free internet land in just a few clicks?

Twitter, Medium, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Google – but be smart with the content you produce – and the list is extremely long. 

So now we have our free “modern land”, it’s time to build something with it. 

What Do People Value? 

So since we know that we have to build something that provides value to other people, we need to find what people value. 

There is a really easy way of doing this, ask yourself, where do people go now when they want to find something? 

The answer is Google, or maybe YouTube. 

And there is almost no third. 

Simply put, just go through Google’s recommended searches until you find something that isn’t being answered well, then answer it well. 

That is how I think you should look to create wealth today. 

People value Google more than almost any other website. 

They search for things they value in order to find them. 

Google look for content on the internet to put it in front of their users. 

So just create what they are looking for, make it easy for Google to find and let them do the rest. 

How Do I Do That? 

If you really have no money to work with, then it is still better that you go work for a day or a few until you have enough to buy your own website. 

This costs around $40 a year at time of writing. 

The advantages of this over using someone else’s service (Twitter, Medium, etc) are very large and represent perhaps a gigantic return on investment for the day or few’s work you may have to put in. 

Basically, with a website and a consistent habit of answering people’s questions in a good way, you now have done perhaps all you need to become the world authority on a particular subject. 

Let that sink in for a moment. 

Perhaps you are 12 months away from being the world’s leading authority in your particular field, and you only spent $40 and a few minutes every day. 

To do this however you are going to need two things, sincerity and patience. 


You need to be sincere to people in order to provide proper value to them. 

People can tell when you are just after their money and also, you wouldn’t then be building wealth, you would be just grabbing for cash. 

Not good. 

Since we know that we have to just build something that provides value to other people, this is going to require lots of answers to people’s Google questions, so the best way is to set a consistent routine, perhaps one article a day and then stick with that, maybe forever. 

This takes perhaps 60 mins a day. 

However, if you spend time caring about money, you will not build wealth and you will stay how you are or worse. 

Remember, we are building wealth, not looking for cash. 


To continue upon the above is going to require patience. 

Again, you may only be a year away from being the world’s most sought after expert in a particular field. 

Or, you have the world’s most trusted website about that topic. 

This is a huge amount of wealth, but most people do not realise it. 

For example, once you have built these and have thousands of people coming to your website every day, there will likely be people among them who want to pay you for your time and expertise. 

Their time is limited as well, and they may very well be more than happy to pay you thousands of dollars to help them solve their problems.

How might we set something like this up – I don’t want to tell you. 

I’m serious, because once you build this sort of wealth you may need to actually take measures to filter out the types of cases you want to work with. 

For example, charging a fee in accordance with the size of the problem you are trying to help solve. 

An example of the above to help our understanding: let’s say you had a website about how to rank higher on Google – there are a lot of companies out there that ranking a little bit higher on Google, with God’s Permission, would mean millions of dollars per year in extra revenue.

Now, since you are now the world’s leading expert (after seeking knowledge over time, then answering simple questions on your website once a day for a year), when you help them to see that the cost of them *not* working with you may be millions of dollars every year, charging a few hundred thousand dollars to come and do a few hour coaching session for their staff is now a great investment. 

And you’re only a year in. 

After a few years you may be approached by people to create a web based investment fund with you at the head of it. 

Since you have shown consistent effective judgment in creating eWealth, there may very well be a number of people with large investment funds who would like to give you money just to build out websites for them. 

An example? Huffington Post sold for over $300 million dollars. 

Even bigger examples? Google, Twitter and Facebook gave away their valued services for free for years before adding monetization, now they are some of the world’s biggest companies. 

Hopefully, we can see here that we need to focus our time for building wealth – on actually building wealth. Leaving off distractions, just staying on the path and letting the money come to us. 

Removing Distractions

Since you are now set (we hope) on creating wealth it’s time to remove distractions.

There are a lot of people out there that don’t want you to create wealth. 

The first one is yourself. 

You have a self which inclines to the quick passing enjoyments of the world. 

Remember all the websites we listed above that are our free internet land for creating huge amounts of wealth (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Medium…) well most people use them to just follow their desires. 

They don’t build anything, they don’t set out to search for knowledge, act upon it, gently teach it to others and remain patient upon that. 

Instead, they just scroll away their intellect while the websites sell their eyes as advertising to other businesses. 

So, we need to limit our internet usage for only 3 purposes. 

Seeking knowledge, acting upon it and teaching it to others. 

That’s it. 

No desires. 

Other Distractions

So now we know one of the best ways to eWealth, buy a website, pick an okay WordPress theme then on to your daily question answering habit – there are many things that distract from this. 

Here are a quick list, hopefully we will soon see the picture (it is things that do not involve the above):

  • Adding monetisation to your website (selling eBooks, etc, just keep building and have patience).
  • Trying to design the world’s best looking website (Just pick a minimalist theme and do not touch it again).
  • Spending time thinking of a business name (Just use your own).
  • Manually sharing content online or asking people to feature you in their publications (Just keep creating great content and let them feature it for you).
  • Rushing to create too many articles in one day then becoming tired and not writing for weeks (just one whenever is easy consistently, even if just one a week). 

How To Create Wealth Without Money

Build a website. 

Provide content that helps solve people’s problems. 

Keep doing that every day and avoid distractions.