How Do You Market Digital Content?

You find the problem first.

Most people are out there trying to put things in the wrong places. 

However, the truth is very simple. 

When it comes to marketing in general, digital content or otherwise, start with the low hanging fruit. 

Listen before trying to help. 

You are trying to provide content to people that it may be a means of solving their problems, correct? (Or why are we creating content?) 

So listen. 

How Do You Market Digital Content? 

In The Name of God, The Most Merciful, The Ever-Merciful to His believing servants. 

Verily, all praise and thanks belong to God, may He extol His Messenger in the highest company of the angels and grant him peace, his family and companions altogether. 

As for what proceeds, 

There are people going online right now to find solution to their problems. 

They go to sites like Google and type in their actual question looking for a response. 

Many of these searches do not currently have good answers to them. 

So when we are looking to produce digital content, the simplest and easiest way to do it is to start with the question then help out these people. 


And no trying to put a square product in a round hole either. 

This means, your task in producing digital content is to provide as much value as possible to other people in that piece of content. 

Not trying to convince them to buy your product or to trying to sell them something. 

What we need to understand is that the creation of the heavens and the earth have rules, and from them is that the recompense of a deed is its like. 

What Goes Around Comes Around

Stop trying to sell. 

If your purpose in producing digital content is just to seek money, you are already losing. 

This approach is too shortsighted and will prevent us from reaching higher effects and noble purpose. 

If you provide value to other people, it will absolutely come back to you. 

We need to let go of going after money and focus instead on providing as much value as possible to other people, then just bear patience and have certainty. 

You will be provided for to continue on that path. 


It may occur to your self, “how will it come back to me”? 

This doesn’t matter. 

If you put aside a period of time during your day to provide as much value as you can to other people it will come back to you. 

However, if we start looking to do things for short term monetary gains, like trying to sell a particular product or service (instead of providing what the people are in more need of), or creating a restricted bit of content for a fee, we are losing out on long term gains. 

Have patience. 

How to Find The Questions? 

Okay, so people are going online to find solutions to their problems. 

And there are those questions that are not being answered well, and some of them are big problems (meaning, more value provided per piece of digital content). 

So how do we find them? 

It is so simple. 

Go to Google, start typing in questions that you think people might be searching for, then choose questions from the recommended searches Google normally give you. 

Then find the one that isn’t being answered very well (not actually what the person is searching for or only answered by forums and not actual websites). 

That’s it. 

Take a day to search and save all of these searches in a spreadsheet and you now have perhaps month’s or a year of content ideas to work through. 

As an extra benefit, you might want to order these in order of biggest problems first then working down to the smallest.  

Now that’s the questions caught, its time to provide value. 

How To Answer? 

Provide as much value as you can, 

Consider the state of the person, what might have prompted them to ask this question, what is the actually, foundational, internal root of this issue, what are they really missing? 

Take them gently by the hand and along the path from where they are now, slowly asking them questions and calling their heart to witness and affirm what you are passing on to them, checking they are okay, following correctly and make easy for them the path. 

Answer their question as best you can, not sufficing until you have helped them as much as you are able. 

Anything after the correct intention and action, this is a bonus. 

Start small and keep consistent, one post a week at first if you are able, then two, then three as long as it is easy. 

Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity and stay consistent. 

This is marketing for digital content, though you are better to throw away the name (marketing) and think instead about building something (in this case a website – as that is currently the highest leveraged form of content we know of) that provides value to other people while you are not actively working on it. 

It will take time for your snowball to build, make sure you have good habits down first (like being very attentive to where you spend your time, which might end at any moment).


Money is not wealth. 

What we are doing here is creating something of value. 

We are taking light and letters and putting them together in a way that provides value to other people. 

When we aren’t working on it, it is (hopefully) still up and providing value to other people, Google sending traffic to it, etc. 

Money will come to us with this over time. 

There will likely be people who will want to pay you money for your knowledge and expertise. 

You need to be very careful with how you filter/organize these requests to avoid wasting time and energy. 

That might mean placing a charge for your worldly time that would normally be scheduled for creating content. 

This way you might take control of your time and save it for the biggest problems (bigger problems per person, or a problem for a person with more leverage at their disposal). 

People tend to value the time of people who value there time.

Save your world time for building a snowball and make sure you are ready.